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Thanks for viewing our page. FoxCraftings is a group of artisans who collaborate to craft unique and interesting pieces of art from a variety of mediums or mixed- mediums. Our art is primarily to be viewed as just that... art. But, it is also performing some kinds of useful function. Every piece of art that we produce is completely unique unto itself because of the “human factor” involved in the process of production. Even when we try to duplicate a piece of our art, FoxCraftings is unable to prevent the artist from making slight deviations to the original. Artistic license and the inconsistencies found in working with our preferred mediums are the main reasons for these minor differences. Rather than losing the significance of the fact that each piece is a separate, but equal rendering of the proposed style, shape, color, and function, each piece is part of a collective and stands alone as a treasured piece of art.

All of our products are made as Limited Edition Collections that are produced by hand for a limited run and then the Collection closed. Limiting and closing collections this way will not only assure you that your art from FoxCraftings is an authorized rendering of a collection, it may also increase its value.